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Hands-on-Horses offers training in an acupressure based therapy that could improve not only the well being of the horse, but could also enhance your own lifestyle.

The HoH Directory of Equine Shiatsu Practitioners

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  Bedfordshire  [4]
  Berkshire  [5]
  Buckinghamshire  [4]
  Cambridgeshire  [3]
  Cheshire  [2]
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  Norfolk  [2]

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  Nottinghamshire  [1]
  Oxfordshire  [1]
  Shropshire  [3]
  Somerset  [2]
  Staffordshire  [3]
  Suffolk  [2]
  Surrey  [5]
  Sussex (E)  [2]
  Sussex (W)  [4]
  Warwickshire  [2]
  West Midlands  [3]
  Wiltshire  [3]
  Worcestershire  [4]
  Yorkshire (N)  [1]
  Yorkshire (S)  [1]

  Ayrshire  [1]

Figures next to regional links indicate the number of Practitioners available for that region via the directory.

Inclusion within the HoH directory is by application only. It is not intended that the directory should be seen to represent fully the availability of competent equine Shiatsu practitioners.

For more information see Terms & Conditions (on this page)

Browse For Practitioners By NameBrowse For Practitioners By Name.


The aim of the HoH Practitioners Directory is to promote public awareness and access to the availability of equine Shiatsu practitioners who have undergone training and/or assessment to a specific standard, and who might therefore be considered to be both capable and competent in the application of Shiatsu for horses.

Alternatively, if you'd like to discover equine Shiatsu and help a student gain real-world experience at the same time, enquiries for student contact details are welcomed.
Email info@hands-on-horses.co.uk to locate a student practitioner near you.



Terms & Conditions

Inclusion within the Hands-on-Horses practitioners directory is free of charge and is available to all equine Shiatsu practitioners who have undertaken, through the terms of acceptance to the practitioners registers maintained by the Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA), to work within the Association's code of Ethics and Practice - full documentation available at www.equineshiatsu.org.

Shiatsu is not a substitute for veterinary advice. Any horse owner/carer wishing to engage a Shiatsu practitioner is strongly advised to consult with his or her vet beforehand. This is particularly important where the horse's health is in doubt, as only a veterinarian can correctly advise on diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment. Shiatsu should be regarded as a complementary therapy, rather than an alternative to professional medical advice, and often might be applied usefully and safely as a complement to veterinary treatment in the case of an established condition.

This directory is provided for information only. Whilst Hands-on-Horses makes every effort to keep the the details published within the practitioners directory accurate and up to date, HoH cannot guarantee that the information displayed is accurate, thorough and complete. Hands-on-Horses accepts no liability for any harm caused by the improper or inappropriate application of Shiatsu by any practitioner listed within this directory, or for any unexpected or adverse consequences resulting from the application of Shiatsu.

Hands-on-Horses reserves the right to decline to include any entry in the HoH practitioners directory, or to remove (or suspend) any existing entry.

In addition to the published directory, Hands-on-Horses also maintains a listing of students in training. It is important that students gain a breadth of experience during the course of their studies, and enquiries are welcomed from anyone wishing to introduce their horses to Shiatsu via a student practitioner. All students listed are enrolled with reputable training schools throughout the UK, and are expected to operate within whatever regime is recommended by their school or teacher, and obviously, within any restrictions dictated by their student insurance cover. As with the online directory of practitioners, the provision of student contact is for information only and is subject also to paras 2, 3 & 4 of the above. Email info@hands-on-horses.co.uk to locate a student practitioner near you.