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Hands-on-Horses offers training in an acupressure based therapy that could improve not only the well being of the horse, but could also enhance your own lifestyle.

Note: Hands on Horses does not necessarily agree with or endorse any views expressed or services offered via websites accessible from this page.



General Links


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs covers various topics relating to horses.



Equine Veterinary Journal Ltd. A useful archive of articles.



Equine Natural Health is an holistic health care resource of value to anyone looking for therapists who provide complementary or alternative treatments etc. for horses.



The International League for the Protection of Horses.



The Naturally Horses website is a resource of natural horse keeping for people with open minds who believe in trying to do things more naturally - by exploring all manners of ways of keeping and looking after their horses to the best of their ability.



The Royal Veterinary College. A wealth of information here on equine health and medical treatments.



Therapists & Trainers


The Animal Magic website is concerned with animal healing generally, and offers practitioner services for equine Shiatsu and Reiki, and training courses in Reiki.



Originally from the state of Texas, Essex-based Lewis Blackburn of Blackburn Natural Horse Training is a specialist in equine behaviour using natural methods to help riders regain and build confidence and control over their horses. Lewis covers East Anglia, the East Midlands, and the South-East of England.



Kate Granger of Equibliss offers equine Shiatsu practitioner services in Hertfordshire and the surrounding regions.



Equine Energy offers equine Shiatsu practitioner services in Norfolk and Suffolk. Donna's website also offers an easy-to-digest overview of the application of Shiatsu therapy for horses, and some examples of equine case histories.



The Equine Energy Therapy website promotes holistic well being for horses and specialises in equine Shiatsu. Caroline is predominantly based in Staffordshire, the Midlands and North West, however she is prepared to travel throughout the UK if requested.



Equine Mind and Body provide help and support for anyone wanting to train horses or solve problems using positive reinforcement, incorporating Shiatsu and/or clicker training where appropriate. Equine Mind and Body can also provide trimming and support for owners of barefoot horses.



Holistic Equine provides information about several aspects of equine health, management and training. Information here about Training & Behaviour; Equine Shiatsu; Equine Podaitry; Natural Management, plus other equine-specific delights such as workshops and articles etc.



The In touch with horses website offers equine Shiatsu practitioner services in the Midlands, North-West and South-East of England.



Louise Potter offers equine Shiatsu practitioner services in South Oxfordshire and the surrounding region.



The Optimum Horsemanship website provides information about equine Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and practitioner services across Southern England for equine Shiatsu.



Shiatsu Healing is based in Shropshire and offers Shiatsu therapy for horses.



Essex based Sundt Therapies offers services throughout SE England for Equine Shiatsu, Reiki, and Bach Flower Remedies.



Holistic Veterinary Consultants

Holistic Vet is a veterinary consultancy based in Bath, North Somerset. Nick Thompson offers homeopathy, acupuncture and nutritional advice for horses, dogs and cats throughout the world. Visits can be easily arranged to horses, dogs and cats throughout the country.



Goods & Services


Molehills in your paddock? Need a mole catcher? Mole Begone uses only traditional methods for effective control of moles. "Mole Begone offers a poison-free mole control service covering east and mid Bedfordshire, and part of north Hertfordshire and south Cambridgeshire..."

Try the BTMR Directory of Molecatchers to find mole catchers in other regions of the UK.
Find out more about mole catching at the Association of Professional Mole Catchers.



Bedfordshire-based Biggleswade Saddlery are retailers of equipment and accessories for horse and rider, and their website offers information of local and general interest to people interested in matters equine.



Based in Dorset, Debbie Crosoer of Just Horse Sense offers equine podaitry services throughout the South of England. Debbie writes, "I aim to always get the best foot under a horse that I can. I achieve this by assessing the horse, the environment and the owner..."



Breed Specialists


Interested in Icelandic horses? The Edda Hestar website provides information about this breed of compact, hardy and capable horses. Smári and Mandy Slater offer short-break riding holidays in Wiltshire, can teach you to ride the tölt, or can supply you with an Icelandic horse of your very own!



Holme Trakehners are breeders of champion Trakehner sports horses. Based at the Holme Park Stud in mid-Bedfordshire, Holme Trakehners also offer secure five-star livery, and host annual open days - a celebration of Trakehners.



Societies & Associations

The Alternative Horse Society offers an online directory of therapies and therapists, and other information around holistic horsecare.



The British Equine Veterinary Association.



The British Horse Society.



The Equine Shiatsu Association [tESA] promotes comprehensive standards for good working practice. tESA offers several levels of membership of benefit to anyone involved in equine Shiatsu, from student to established practitioner.



The Shiatsu Society is the most established and prominant body in the UK for 'human' Shiatsu.



When the worst happens...


Equine Farewells offer to provide a complete range of horse, pony and donkey funerals from an individual horse cremation through to an economic horse disposal - all through one caring and professional point of contact.