Hands on Horses School of Equine Shiatsu



Hands-on-Horses offers training in an acupressure based therapy that could improve not only the well being of the horse, but could also enhance your own lifestyle.

Our Privacy Policy

The Hands on Horses School of Equine Shiatsu takes the professional ethics of client confidentiality very seriously and respects your right to privacy.

Any personal information [such as your postal and email addresses, telephone numbers etc] that you provide to Hands on Horses will be treated in the strictest confidence allowable within the confines of the law. We do not share any client details with third-party individuals or information services.

Hands on Horses will not under any circumstances use any personal or contact information that you provide us with for the purposes of marketing further products or services to you - unless you specifically ask us to do so. If you would like to register an interest in receiving information about other equine and Shiatsu-based opportunities from Hands on Horses, provision to enable that exists within the procedure for enrolling on courses, or when making bookings for the equine Shiatsu clinic, workshops and demonstrations.