Hands on Horses School of Equine Shiatsu

Equine Shiatsu Courses: Phase-1


Hands-on-Horses offers training in an acupressure based therapy that could improve not only the well being of the horse, but could also enhance your own lifestyle.

The first phase of equine Shiatsu training consists of two courses:

The Phase-1 [Basics] Course.

The Phase-1 [Follow-on] Course.

Phase-1 [Basics] Equine Shiatsu Course:

4-weekends over 4-months

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How to enrol on the Phase-1 [Basics] equine Shiatsu course...


The Basics course acts as a standalone introduction to equine Shiatsu.

Topics include:

Practical Techniques.

Equine Language, Evolution and Behaviour.

Basic Shiatsu Theory.

Relaxation Techniques for horse-owners and riders.

Introduction to A&P [anatomy & physiology], the Skeletal System.

Exercises for Health & Vitality.

Basic Principles of the Zen Shiatsu style.

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Phase-1 [Follow-on] Equine Shiatsu Course:

5-weekends over 5-months

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The follow-on course develops the basic understanding, topics include:

Practical Techniques [continued];

Simple Bio mechanics;

5-Element Theory;

12 Classical Meridian Location and Treatment;

Basic Anatomy of the Organs;

Zang/Fu view of the organs;

Basic framework - Shiatsu routine for Humans.

At the end of Phase-1 of equine Shiatsu training there is a practical assessment. Successful completion results in a Certificate of Practical Competence in Equine Shiatsu.