Hands on Horses School of Equine Shiatsu

Equine Shiatsu Courses: Phase-2


Hands-on-Horses offers training in an acupressure based therapy that could improve not only the well being of the horse, but could also enhance your own lifestyle.

Phase-2 Equine Shiatsu Course:

20 study days in 2-day & 3-day blocks

Course fee:

Phase-2 of the equine Shiatsu training courses builds upon and extends the material addressed in the Phase-1 course, and further deepens perception of chi and the ability to work usefully within that concept.

Topics include:

Continuation of Study & Practice of Practical Techniques.

The functioning of the healthy horse from an anatomical and physiological perspective.

The functioning of the healthy horse from the Eastern perspective.

Assessment Techniques.

Case History work.

Exercises for Health & Vitality.