Hands on Horses School of Equine Shiatsu

Equine Shiatsu Courses: Phase-3


Hands-on-Horses offers training in an acupressure based therapy that could improve not only the well being of the horse, but could also enhance your own lifestyle.

Phase-3 Equine Shiatsu Course:

20 study days in 2-day & 3-day blocks

Course fee:

Phase-3 is the final stage of formal training, taking students to a level of ability appropriate for professional practice. Successful completion of Phase-3 entitles students to receive the school's diploma in equine Shiatsu, and as graduate practitioners to apply for full practitioner membership of the Equine Shiatsu Association.

Topics include:

Applied Shiatsu.

The integration of Eastern models with the palliative care of horses.

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology.

Shiatsu clinics.

Exercises for Health & Vitality.

Exercises for Horse & Rider.